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CMS Grievances & Complaints: Ensuring Hospitals Compliance


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A recent report by CMS found that over 1,000 hospitals are out of compliance with the hospital CoPs! Compliance with the CMS hospital grievance requirements is a problematic standard for hospitals. Join our expert, Sue Dill Calloway, as she provides guidance on these regulations as well as the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) requirements for hospitals under Section 1557 for grievances alleging noncompliance to the discrimination law. Also, gain a complete understanding of the Joint Commission complaint standards as well as the DNV healthcare grievance requirements.

Join us for this two-hour webinar to discover how you can align policies, procedures, education and training with the standards to avoid noncompliance.

  • Section 1557: The policy required & timelines for filing grievance
  • Policies & procedures to ensure prompt complaint resolution
  • Keys to respond to grievances: The CMS 7-day rule & timeline
  • Critical guidelines for complying with patient rights standards
  • What hospitals are being cited for & steps to avoid a deficiency

Program Highlights

  • Patient Grievances & Complaints: Ensure CMS, TJC, OCR, & DNV Compliance

    • Keys to distinguishing between a grievance & complaint
    • Section 1557 on compliant processes
    • Governing boards & the complaint process - their roles & responsibilities
    • Real life examples - why hospitals are cited & how to avoid a deficiency
  • Complying with Patient Rights: How, When & What You Must Provide

    • Providing notice of patient rights - CMS requirements
    • Patients' rights to file a grievance - what you need to know
    • Critical requirements for your Grievance Committee
  • Complaint & Grievance Policies and Processes Your Hospital Must Enforce

    • Verbal & written requests: Ways to respond promptly & effectively
    • What are the HIPAA rules if the complaint is not from a patient?
    • Ways to track & trend data to ensure better patient care
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Sue Dill Calloway, RN, MSN, JD CPHRM, CCMSCP, has been a nurse attorney and medical-legal consultant for more than 30 years. She has presented numerous educational programs for nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals on topics such as patient safety, Joint Commission, CMS, and HIPAA issues.

  • Sue is the past Director of Hospital Patient Safety with The Doctors Company and OHIC Insurance Company. She is on the board for the Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation and previously was their chief learning officer.
  • She has past experience as a nursing professor, medical malpractice defense attorney, and director of health policy and risk management for eight years for the Ohio Hospital Association.
  • Sue is also past VP of legal services, compliance officer and privacy officer for a community hospital. Sue was part of the patient safety committee and involved in risk management activities.
  • She has written 102 books and thousands of articles.

Program Benefits

This practical, two-hour webinar will equip you and your colleagues with tools to effectively resolve patient complaints and grievances and ensure your facility stays compliant with CMS regulations as well as TJC and DNV standards.

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Live Webinar Recording

CMS Grievances & Complaints: Ensuring Hospitals Compliance

Recording Price: $199.00